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SilverHorn Golf Club Scorecard

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Hole #1

This short dogleg right, par 4 has a fairway bunker and a green protected by a small greenside bunker.


Hole #2

On the second hole, you’ll find a reachable par 5 with a creek in front of the green.


Hole #3

This par 4 has a green surrounded by trees and native grass.


Hole #4

Here’s a shorter par 4 where O.B. is on the left side of the hole and the green is protected by a greenside bunker.


Hole #5

This hole is a dogleg right par 4 lined with trees up the right side of the fairway and two greenside bunkers protecting the green.


Hole #6

You’ll find your first par 3 on the course here. Keep an eye on the large greenside bunker on the left side of the green.


Hole #7

A slight dogleg left, you’ll find an open fairway on this hole with no bunkers in sight.


Hole #8

This long par 3 has no bunkers. Be prepared to contend with the wind, which can wreak havoc on most tee shots.


Hole #9

On this dogleg right par 4, tee shot placement is at a premium. There is a large pond on the right side of the fairway and the green is protected by the largest bunker on the course.


Hole #10

A wide-open par 4, Hole 10 features two fairway bunkers and two greenside bunkers protecting the green.


Hole #11

This tight, driving par 4 requires a precise tee shot because there is O.B. on the right side of the fairway. The green is protected by a greenside bunker.


Hole #12

This tough par 3 requires a precise tee shot; there’s O.B. on both sides of the fairway with a creek running alongside the left side of the hole. The green is well protected by two greenside bunkers.


Hole #13

Considered the toughest hole in OKC, this par 5 is a marathon and not a sprint. The tee shot has to find the fairway as there is a creek on the left side that runs the entirety of the hole. You must clear two creeks on your tee shot. You then have a choice to hit an island fairway or try to clear the next two creeks. Finally, you must try to hit the smallest green on the course, which is protected by a greenside bunker and water on the left.


Hole #14

After the challenging last hole, here you’ll find a short par 3 that has O.B. on the left and a greenside bunker.


Hole #15

This short dogleg left par 4 has a fairway and greenside bunker. Longer hitters may try to clear the trees on the left side of the fairway to reach this green in one shot.


Hole #16

A long par 5, you’ll contend here with 2 creeks and a green surrounded by 2 bunkers.


Hole #17

A long dogleg right par 4, there are 2 fairway bunkers and 2 greenside bunkers on this hole.


Hole #18

This finishing par 4 has O.B. on the right side of the hole with a large fairway bunker and a large greenside bunker protecting it.

Championship41349043738738119442621944333903783562115421503405314584123378676873.4 / 1280 / 0
Back36745039434233618137719137630143572901735141453034954313493057607169.9 / 1230 / 0
Middle32342436030729816534916835327473312661434871252884563863072789553667.5 / 1120 / 0
Handicap12144816186102 1311711715539    
Par M/W454443434354435345443671  
Forward29440032528226815032114233025123072461004151102594013142792431494371 / 113
Handicap10841214186162 1113151179537    

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  • Putting contests.
  • Hole-in-One insurance.
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